Bindle, Hunting & Gathering

Bindle is the sum of all its suppliers. If Bindle is the body, then the suppliers are the vital organs and so finding the right match is absolutely crucial. We are often asked the question 'how does Bindle source suppliers'?

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Five of our faves - Sustainable brands to watch in 2022

As a proud member of the sustainable businesshood, Bindle often seeks inspiration from brands with a similar attitude to sustainability. Here are five of our fave businesses doing big things in 2022 in an environmentally friendly way.

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Bindle and recycling towards a brighter future

On only the 5th anniversary since the inaugural World Recycling Day, Bindle is championing the cause and celebrating the many ways in which Bindle has elevated its recycling practices.
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Bindle is officially B Corp Certified

Bindle recognised as a force for good with B Corp certification. Bindle’s founder, Catherine, has always believed in linked prosperity – that all stakeholders connected to the business should prosper as it prospers.

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Bindle Hits Double Digits

We celebrate a significant milestone for a seed of an idea that flourished into a sturdy oak. A corner of a corner of a room operation, now takes pride of place in a Richmond warehouse & office. The House of Bindle was born.

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Bindle a finalist in the National Retail Awards

Bindle is beyond excited to have been listed as a finalist in the 2021 National Retail Awards and congratulates Vivra as the winner of the Small Retailer of the Year category.

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