Behind the Bindles

The business of Bindle doesn’t take too much explaining — we curate beautiful and thoughtful gifts from locally sourced products that celebrate the stories of Australian artisans…

But behind the Bindles is a brand purpose that delves much deeper than ‘beautiful gifts’. This is what drives us day in and day out and has grown the brand from a personal side hobby to a thriving business that makes a significant contribution to the local community and economy.

“We cultivate community through connection, celebrating quality and care in our inspired sustainable gifting.”

What once started as a solitary seed, the Bindle community continues to grow, from staff to customers, to clients and our supported charities – creating connections through products and stories.

Care is the driving force that inspires one to ‘gift’ in the first place, from a place of celebration or sorrow and everything in between, Bindle gifts represent nothing if not care. Each Bindle has so carefully been put together, with each Australian product selected and matched to perfectly compliment the occasion.

Care is at the heart of every decision made within the business, with consideration for sustainability and having a minimal impact on our planet a top priority, without the compromise on quality. Quality service, quality products. From the packaging to the packing and wrapping and handwritten notes, no detail is spared and no shortcut is taken.

We are inspired every day by the products that arrive into the warehouse for our Bindles and the stories behind the brands that make them. We hope our Bindles inspire their recipients to ‘look local’ and perhaps even kick into gear the ‘one day’ dream and bring their own unique product to life.

We are also inspired by the wonderful people of our local charities and celebrate their work along with our talented producers and artisans. Bindle is committed to supporting the work of our local charities such as Beyond Blue and Berry Street and looks forward to continuing to grow this part of the Bindle community even more.

A gift with the Bindle stamp represents care, quality and community. There is so much research and so many relationships behind the Bindles that are often so quickly searched, selected and sent from the Bindle website. Good things take time. But finding them doesn’t have to. Bindle brings Australian stories together and delivers them to your door.

When you send a Bindle it is so much more than a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Every Bindle sent and received grows our community a little more, supports our local artisans, gives back to our charities and has minimal impact on our Earth. Inspired gift giving.

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