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About Bindle

Unable to find gifts that supported local producers, Bindle founder Catherine decided the time was right to harness her creative energy. 

Following what verged on obsessive research; Bindle was born - a boutique business delivering stylish gift packages that celebrate the extraordinary talent of local artisans. Every part of a Bindle gift is Australian sourced and designed - the boxes, the products, the hand that wraps them. Each Bindle is a compilation of several talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and creativity. It’s the inter-relationships that make each Bindle unique. The artisans, farmers, families, friends, and recipients.

Bindle Look Book

Since its inception in 2012, Bindle has blossomed from a “corner in the room” hobby, to a substantial warehouse operation. Bindle has remained faithful to its network of local producers, and customers everywhere are delighted at the concept, convenience and superior quality of this unique gift service.
We assemble it, you take the credit!