Five of our faves - Sustainable brands to watch in 2022

As a proud member of the sustainable businesshood, Bindle often seeks inspiration from brands with a similar attitude to sustainability.

Here are five of our fave businesses doing big things in 2022 in an environmentally friendly way.

  1. Anipal was founded by the delightful Steph Stubbe, a young vet on a mission to create earth-friendly pet products, and protect threatened species while doing so. Anipal now gives plastic waste material a second life as stylish recycled pet products such as collars and leads. Steph and her team have also created nutritious pet treats made from delicious insects and seaweed instead of meat – helping all pet owners to reduce the carbon footprint of their pet. Incredibly, Anipal now removes seven times the amount of carbon it produces through support of the reforestation of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in SW Australia.

  1. A glaring gap in the market is what drove Courtney to research and develop high quality products with naturally derived botanical ingredients, designed specifically for pregnancy - and thus MEMO was born. With great consideration for the world that Courtney would be leaving to her children, MEMO products have been developed with minimal and where possible recycled packaging. Products are manufactured in small batches to reduce waste and all ingredients are sourced locally from sustainable sources.

  1. Melbourne Rooftop Honey is bringing bees back to the city and suburbs of Melbourne. In a bid to protect honey bees, Melbourne Rooftop Honey is ‘re-homing’ and thus saving swarms of honeybee colonies into hives on unused rooftops, balconies and gardens. Looking to the future, Melbourne Rooftop Honey is exploring ways to grow food in our city, thus making it cooler, greener and more sustainable. The result? A delicious condiment for your toast or cup of tea.  

  1. Anyone with young children will understand the importance of a ‘Bandaid’. Although depending on the child(ren) and the severity (real or imagined) of the injury, ‘Bandaids’ can start to feel very unsustainable. Look no further than PATCH Bamboo Bandages. This natural range of adhesive strips is made from natural bamboo fibre and is free from toxins, making them ideal for sensitive skin. 

  1. Forget the Gladwrap, Sustomi blends sustainability and style in the design of reusable packaging. From coffee cups to fridge and pantry organisation, Sustomi brings a stylish skew to the blandness often associated with low waste living. Always giving back, every purchase made through the Sustomi website contributes to someone in need.

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