Bindle NUDE – from brief to brand loyalty

Bindle NUDE… the stunt double, the ghost writer of the corporate gifting world… getting the work done to allow other businesses to shine.

Corporate gifting is becoming an essential ingredient in customer retention strategies. As a key pillar of our core business, Bindle NUDE is here to do the heavy lifting so your organisation can remain focussed on core business – but still take the credit. (We don’t even mind!)

Erica Markus, Bindle’s Client Account Director, dedicates her days to curating exquisite gifts for all kinds of businesses. Nicknamed ‘Yes-ica’ (she has never turned down a brief and is always up for the challenge when it comes to original gift themes), Erica takes us through the Bindle NUDE process.

Consultation Tell us your story. What is your gifting purpose and who are the recipients? We establish your theme, budget, quantity and timeline.

Presentation We curate and create gift solutions that align to your brief and present you with a proposal to share with your stakeholders.

Good things take time Gifting is a big investment so we work collaboratively with you until all elements in the proposal match your vision and expectations. Our gifts can be fully customised, from a simple card to stickers, wrapping tissue and the gift box.

We get to work! We bring your gifts to life. Finalising the branded collateral with your supplied design files, procuring stock and then packing! Every gift is lovingly wrapped by hand and delivered by our trusted suppliers.

But why?

Erica takes us through the importance of corporate gifting, and any hints or tips to consider to avoid gifting mishaps.

“Corporate gifting leaves a lasting impression with clients and elevates you from your competitors. The surprise and delight experience and expression of gratitude cultivates a relationship that leads to loyalty and ultimately repeat business.

“Simply filling a box with as many products as possible and slapping your brand on it will not result in a ‘wow’ moment for your client. Quality over quantity is key, and keeping your branding classy will reap rewards. 

“For some clients, Bindle branded gifts are preferred over custom branded due to the perception within certain industries that branded gifts are cheap or tacky. In this instance we simply include a branded card which clients find is enough of a subtle nod to build their brand loyalty.

“We understand that every single brief and budget is different, however due to the quality of our packaging and presentation, made entirely with sustainable and recyclable materials, whatever the budget may be the gift will always look premium.”

The Bindle NUDE team has successfully delivered on many briefs, from specific colour palettes to culinary cuisines. Set our next challenge! Contact the team at Bindle - email Erica or call the office on 03 8790 7707 to book your consultation.

It’s never too early to start talking Christmas gifts!

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