Bindle, Hunting & Gathering

Bindle is the sum of all its suppliers. If Bindle is the body, then the suppliers are the vital organs and so finding the right match is absolutely crucial. So, how does Bindle source suppliers?

As Bindle has evolved and grown, so has the process of finding suppliers. In the early days of the business Catherine would spend her spare time perusing Farmers Markets and local design/makers markets and this is just how she stumbled upon two of her long-time suppliers. Catherine discovered Mount Zero Olives (from the northern edge of the Grampians National Park) on a cold morning at the Abbotsford Convent Farmers Market and a little taste test of some fudge at a market in Healesville, followed by a chat with its maker Nicole, led to a longstanding relationship with Fudge by Rich. 

It is essential to Catherine that Bindle maintains a boutique and exciting aesthetic, so product selection needs to remain dynamic and evolve with the trends. Products are sometimes sourced to fit within a specific brief from a corporate client – product requirements may be colour, theme or producer postcode. An increasing challenge that Catherine faces is finding suppliers that are able to maintain and balance the boutique handmade nature of their products with increased production to meet the demand of Bindle’s growing business.

There is a certain aesthetic that sits well within the Bindle brand – beautiful sustainable packaging that encapsulates neutral and minimal design aesthetic. “No fuss, yet striking in simplicity” is how Catherine describes it. A great brand story and hook will also grab Catherine’s attention, she’s often seduced by innovation, passion and sustainability.

Every product and brand that is sourced, marketed and presented within our Bindles represents the very essence of what Bindle stands for, making Bindle’s supplier relationships critical to the Bindle brand and vision.

Now, with less time for perusing markets and design meets, Catherine dedicates time each week to researching potential new suppliers online, with social media a great way to discover new Australian brands. It’s a two-way street and Bindle is often approached by Australian suppliers. These self-introductions are always welcome and we encourage any business that might fancy a partnership with Bindle to check out our business principles and get in touch and say hi. Don’t be shy, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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