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Custom Branded Gifting

At Bindle we understand how important it is to incorporate the business logo on a corporate gift, so with signature style, we have introduced Bindle NUDE.

Corporate Gifts that leave a lasting impression

Bindle NUDE is a boutique corporate gift service in which we work with your business to create a unique gift for your clients, complete with stylish gift packaging design that incorporates your branding and logos. We source products according to your specifications and create a custom ‘business gift box’ that looks and feels much, much more than just a ‘business gift box’.

We opt for recycled packaging and printed collateral and avoid nasty plastics. We believe that sustainable packaging doesn't have to be unattainable. You can be environmentally conscious and responsible while creating a premium product for your customers to enjoy.

Our team will help you select from a range of locally sourced products, whether you are looking to build a gourmet corporate gift box with delectable chocolate and luxury items, or perhaps a property and settlement gift hamper with luxurious candles, kitchen staples and hand soaps that instantly make a house a home.

Whether you are searching for a unique gift for clients or something special for your guests, a customised Bindle will never disappoint. In a cut-throat business world, this may just be the advantage that wins you the business and spreads positive word of mouth marketing.

Times are fast a changing and businesses are rapidly adjusting. Traditionally, corporate gift hampers have been given externally to clients, customers or guests. Now’s the time to also turn your ‘ROI’ focus to the internal and create a business gift hamper for your staff. Many businesses have transitioned to home offices and employees are adjusting too – some working at a makeshift desk in the garage, others simultaneously trying to wrangle the kids and conference calls! Create your own corporate branded gift basket just for your employees to show that just because they are out of sight, they are not out of mind. 

We have a number of items we can include in your ‘work from home’ custom corporate gift box, from desk pads, organisers and candles to create a luxe office feel, or snacks, for the ‘virtual’ office event. 

If work milestones and celebrations are currently falling by the wayside, a personalised gift box for business will tide you over until a pat on the back, handshake or round of applause at a staff meeting are once again possible. In the current climate the small gesture of a luxury corporate hamper can go a long way in keeping your employees engaged and motivated.

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