Bindle is officially B Corp Certified

In a process that has stretched over a year, receiving B Corp certification is a significant milestone for this small business with big dreams.

The B in B Corp stands for ‘benefit’ and refers to businesses that benefit workers, the community and the environment - businesses that operate as a force for good and prioritise people and the planet over profit.

Bindle’s founder, Catherine, has always believed in linked prosperity – that all stakeholders connected to the business should prosper as it prospers.

For a business with foundations built on supporting local, with a key focus on sustainability, the alignment with B Corp was clear. However, the certification process can be arduous and many, many hours of work were required to ensure Bindle was operating within the stringent global standards of a B Corp certified business.

These standards and Bindle’s operations have been verified by B Lab, and below are just a few of Bindle’s business priorities that contributed to being certified as B Corp.

  1. We are majority female owned and operated

  2. We only source the highest quality, sustainably produced, locally made product

  3. We have eliminated plastic from our packaging

  4. Low levels and efficient use of energy and water in the operation of the business and warehouse

  5. We recycle everything that we can

  6. We support numerous local not-for-profit organisations with a focus on people or the environment

    There’s already so much feel good in Bindle’s day-to-day business activities – what brings more joy and appreciation than sending beautiful gifts? This feel good now officially extends further than our clients and customers and we are so proud to be one of only a handful of Australian gift businesses that are part of the growing community of businesses operating to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

    Our B Corp stamp shows we have pledged to use business for good and there’s no resting on our laurels. With an ambitious sustainability agenda, we’ve already got our sights set on recertification in three years’ time and a plethora of ideas on how we can continue to raise the bar in using our small business as a force for good.

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