A day in the life of… Founder Catherine – Bindle’s Modern Matriarch

The business of Bindle is to shine a light on the talent of our Australian artisans but THIS time we’re turning the spotlight on the Bindle boss – Catherine, known to most as Tat.

Nurturing Bindle from a fleeting idea through to a thriving business, Tat’s days have certainly evolved from early mornings and late nights working on her ‘hobby’ around a ‘real’ job to managing a bustling office and warehouse. Magically, once Tat’s two kids arrived, the bustling office and warehouse transformed to more of a sanctuary where a coffee could be enjoyed – hot – down to the very last sip.

Tat’s days start with a small face at the side of the bed requesting breakfast and thoughts only turn to work once the children are settled into their days, around 8.30am.

Time in the office revolves around product selection, photography, styling and team meetings and the vibe is jovial with happy beats playing in the background. Work that requires long periods of focus is often done from home.

One of Tat’s star recruits to Bindle is none other than her husband, Craig, but their work focusses on different areas of the business to avoid butting heads too often.

“Craig is a great sounding board and has strengths in areas I lack. He’s a details man which ensures I’m accountable for my actions, which can often be of the ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ nature. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have the odd heated discussion, but we do try to be disciplined and not talk ‘Bindle’ too much at home.”

Once the sole packer of gifts, Tat now claims she gets in the way in the warehouse and so instead channels her energy into the favourite part of her job – hunting and gathering for beautiful Australian made products. With the good comes the bad and thus occasionally Tat must focus on her least favourite part of the job…

“Anything numbers related! Analysing dollars in not my strength or passion.”

Work always makes way for the daily ritual of family dinner in which the day’s highlights, surprises and challenges are discussed.

“The kids really come alive when telling their stories and we have learnt so many new things about them we wouldn’t have otherwise discovered without this fun daily ritual.”

Eating at a ridiculously early hour with children, followed by bath and bed routines means work emails are finished off later in the evening before relaxing with a series or book.

“As soon as possible I tuck myself into bed with a tub of ice-cream. Maggie Beer Burnt Fig and Honeycomb is my current guilty obsession. I’m right into crime series at the moment and am loving Crossing Lines on SBS. I’m also reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, albeit very slowly.”

Despite the chaotic days there is a rhythm and rhyme that Tat works to in the Bindle work/life balance (or blend). This, however, is all about to be blown to smithereens with the imminent arrival of baby number three… and while a new level of chaos will reign at home, Tat knows the Bindle drum will continue without skipping a beat. She might even pop in every now and then, to enjoy a hot coffee.    

Always organised, Tat has ordered 'And Baby Makes - One More', to be delivered in the first week of October.  

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