Planet Friendly with Planet Luxe

Saving the Planet never looks so good! Planet Luxe makes luxurious, well-designed products that are safe for the planet and its inhabitants, so we can all live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles and also be surrounded by beautiful things. 

Tried and tested by Bindle, Planet Luxe products are incredible to use and beautifully presented.

An interview with Founder Toni Lawler confirms that the creative artisan behind the beautiful Planet Luxe brand lives with the same authenticity and consideration as the product itself.

As we are in the business of celebrating Australian talent, what is your favourite place to visit in Australia?

    A few years ago a group of us did a road trip up the coast of Western Australia from Perth to Exmouth for a friend's birthday. We spent a few days staying at Sal Salus at Ningaloo Reef and swam with a whale shark. It was amazing. Ningaloo Reef is definitely a special place.

    A little closer to home, what is your favourite coffee haunt in Melbourne?

    Foxtrot in South Melbourne. Lovely, small, cosy spot with great coffee and food.

    Who are you currently reading?

    The Escape by David Baldacci. I like something light and a real page turner...nothing better than a book I can't put down!

    What 3 words to describe your product?

    Authentic, considered, Australian.

    Where do you see your business going in the 5 years?

    Bigger and hopefully global. That's the plan. So we can help people around the world reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals and still be surrounded by well-designed, lovely to use products.

    Who has influenced you most in your life? 

    My paternal grandmother. She was widowed when she was quite young and had some other awful things happen in her life but was strong, independent and always saw the best in the things. I think I got my entrepreneurial spirit from her.

    What is your philosophy towards your work and life?

    Do what brings you joy. Life's not a rehearsal, we need to make the most of every moment.
    As we are in the gift giving business, what was the most recent gift you gave someone? 

    A book. The recipient is an avid reader. I gave her a copy of Gloria Steinem's latest book 'My Life on the Road'.

    Which bindle would you pick for yourself?

    Chocolate is the New Black. Love chocolate!

    Favourite fictional character? 

    Clinton Tyree, a.k.a. Skink, is a fictional character who has appeared in several novels by Carl Hiaasen, beginning with Double Whammy in 1987. He is an opponent of sprawl and development, and partakes of roadkill cuisine. He's a great character.

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