Our Mate Joe from Treehorn Design

In their creative words not ours ...

"TreeHorn Design started as one man with too many tools and an urgent desire to leave his job in pursuit of creativity. Joe (that’s me!) went to school in Tasmania where he learned a darn load of stuff about how to bend rules. When it came to tools in the workshop, sourcing materials, designing objects and #$%*ing around Joe was his own personal hero."

Treehorn share a few principles that are close to our heart. They care about the environment, appreciate quality design, and like drinking beer.

You will learn from our interview with Treehorn Founder Joe Chester that he is a man of principle with a great sense of humour.

As we are in the business of celebrating Australian talent, what is your favourite place to visit in Australia?

    I'm from Tasmania so I'd have to say there. We have a little house on the east coast (that we rent out to holiday makers) but each time I go down, maybe twice a year, I try and find something I haven't seen before. My next trip will be a hunt for yabbies!

     A little closer to home, what is your favourite coffee haunt in Melbourne?

    I don't drink the stuff, never have. Beer on the other hand... Find me a rooftop terrace or a river view and I'm there

    Who are you currently reading?

    I don't get a lot of reading done as I'm always drawing or doing something with my hands. I listen to a lot of podcasts which frees up my hands. My favorites are The Dollop, Planet Money, Startup and The Memory Palace. When I do read it's often David Sedaris

    What 3 words to describe your product?

    Playful, Scandinavian  and... Wooden?

    Where do you see your business going in the 5 years?

    I'm moving into larger furniture. It's a real struggle to compete with overseas imports and copycats. I want to take on the large furniture importers and offer Australians locally made furniture from International designers who might not otherwise have the opportunity or resources to break into this market.

    Who has influenced you most in your life? 

    My father always had a workshop and was always making things. Houses, boats, tools, furniture. I now have a lot of those tools and experiences to draw from. I'm even thinking about building my first boat just to bring it full circle.

    What is your philosophy towards your work and life?

    "Do no evil", No what, that's Google. "Do the right thing or die trying"? "recondition for a good deed is as bad as admitting it"?
    I'm not sure. I just want for the world to have been made better before I depart. If that means always striving towards becoming carbon neutral. Creating long lasting products is key for me.

    As we are in the gift giving business, what was the most recent gift you gave someone? 

    My mother collects ginger jars and my girlfriend loves op shopping so I'm always in a small town hunting down the jars and sending them off. I've got a bit of a collection happening at the moment, Mums good for 20 years of birthdays, Christmases and mothers day gifts. Thank god she's immortal. 

    Which bindle would you pick for yourself?

    I'm always in the kitchen and hosting so anything with lovely artisan goods is my pick and Bindle has ample choices.

    Favourite fictional character? 

    I named TreeHorn after a fictional porn producer from 'The Big Lebowski' of whom  Lebowski says "He treats objects like woman, man". I just love that.

    For more information about Treehorn Design products head to http://treehorndesign.com

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