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Staff Gift Hampers and Baskets

Say thank you to your colleagues, employees and team members with our hampers for staff working from home. Just because they’re out of sight, show your employees they’re not out of mind with thoughtful care packages full of beautiful products to increase the comfort of their workspace.

Spur them on with coffee or chocolate, or encourage them to take a break with calming tea. Bindle has the perfect work from home gifts when a handshake, round of applause or pat on the back isn’t possible.

Every part of a Bindle employee gift is Australian sourced and designed – from the delightful contents, to the
hands that wrap them. Delivery is just $9.95 Australia wide, with same-day delivery Melbourne metro.

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Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Chocolate. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Chocolate.

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Chocolate.

Because let's face it, when you are working from home, the foundations of productivity start with a note book, tea, and chocolate. A thoughtful care package for a friend, colleague, staff member or any old...
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Gracias, Merci, Thank You ... Gracias, Merci, Thank You ...

Gracias, Merci, Thank You ...

Whether it be for watering your garden, taking the rubbish out, picking up your kids from school or simply just because ... Gratitude makes the world go round.  Love Tea Chamomile Tea A herbal infusion...
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Tea for Two Tea for Two

Tea for Two

The essence of English sophistication, high tea is to be consumed with the pinky finger extended. Bindle has sourced everything that one requires to provide the most cordial of high teas. Everything you need for...

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Bindle NUDE
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Light a Candle. Jot It Down. Light a Candle. Jot It Down.

Light a Candle. Jot It Down.

Light a candle, set the scene, be mindful, and make a list.  Whisk & Pin Lemon and Vanilla Shortbread Zesty and light, this  box of zesty lemon gluten-free shortbread with a twist of sweet vanilla...
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Let It Grow Let It Grow

Let It Grow

A gift inspired by the joy experienced when playing in nature and growing indoor plants.  Angus & Celeste Collectors Gro Pot (small) Crafted in Angus & Celeste's signature stained porcelain, The small size pots are perfect for...
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A Little Lift A Little Lift

A Little Lift

A beautiful care package with rest and relaxation at the forefront of our thoughts to provide 'a little lift' ... Each element of the gift – sweet treats, comforting tea and luxurious skin care -...
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Breakfast in Bed Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Ah, breakfast in bed, when the sleep is still in your eyes and your loved one brings morning nourishment, what could be better? Bindle has found the finest morning accompaniments to make you rise and...
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Namaste Home Namaste Home

Namaste Home

With 'stay home, stay safe' in mind, we have curated a Bindle gift to send sentiments of kinship and kindness. A gift to inspire calm productivity. And all in the comfort of ones PJ's if...
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Boardroom Breakfast Boardroom Breakfast

Boardroom Breakfast

They do say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so best to make it an enjoyable ritual. This Bindle gift presents breakfast with swagger. Clark St Coffee Roasters Seasonal Espresso beans 'Ringleader' 250g...