A Day with Full of Grace

At Bindle, we are in the business of celebrating quality locally grown and inspired products. Every product that goes in a Bindle has been tried and tested. One of our most delicious products is the Full of Grace granola, an organic and Australian made breakfast option.

Full of grace granola was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Kate Gunn (nee Foster). Finding it difficult to find any readily available organic and homegrown granola, Kate had a light bulb moment. Inspired by the need for a nutritious and organic granola choice, Kate found a market that her delicious recipe could serve. I was lucky enough to sit down with Kate, to pick her brain about the creative spirit that drives Full of grace.

Have a look at the interesting things Kate had to say about her inspirations, her motivations, and all things Australian.

  1. As we are in the business of celebrating Australian talent, what is your favourite place to visit in Australia?

 Noosa is definitely my favourite - it has everything! It’s great for kids, has lovely cafes and restaurants, and a beautiful beach that laps the National Park. You don’t need a car as everything is walking distance. In fact, we have already booked our next family holiday there.

  1. A little closer to home, what is your favourite coffee haunt in Melbourne?

I’ll be biased but I will have to say Pope Joan in East Brunswick (it’s owned by my brother). Pope Joan has great food, Allpress coffee, a lovely atmosphere in the courtyard and an unpretentious vibe.

  1. Who are you currently reading?

 Worse Things Happen at Sea by William McInnes and Sarah Watt – it was given to me four years ago by some dear family friends when my mother passed away. It’s taken me this long to pick it up but I think I’m ready to read it now... It’s a beautiful novel (so far) but very sad.

  1. What 3 words to describe your product?

Organic, Wholesome, Delicious

  1. Where do you see your business going in the 5 years?

I am hoping to expand the distribution channels. Full of Grace is currently available in Victoria and South Australia, but I am in discussion with distributors to take the product to Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania.

I have also had a few meetings with an Asian distributor to potentially export Full of Grace to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. I believe there is huge scope for potential due to Asia's changing diet trends towards healthy 'western' style breakfasts and the appeal of an Australian certified organic product.

  1. Who has influenced you most in your life?

 In business and life in general, definitely my parents. Mum and Dad both ran their own businesses (in country Victoria). They taught & encouraged my siblings and I to have a good work ethic and drive to succeed - and as it so happens, all 3 of us have created our own businesses.

  1. What is your philosophy towards your work and life?

 Balance. One of the best things about my business is getting to stay home (most days) with Claudia, our 21-month-old daughter. Staying at home is such a luxury these days and not many people get the opportunity to do it, whereas I can as I still have a revenue stream. To be a stay-at-home Mum and juggle a growing business is the perfect balance for our lifestyle.

  1. As we are in the gift giving business, what was the most recent gift you gave someone?

 My brother-in-law just had his birthday and we all put in money for golf “stuff” (I’m not sure on the specifics!) I also organised a baby shower last weekend and gave the new mum-to-be one of Claudia’s favourite books ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’.

  1. Which bindle would you pick for yourself?

 Ohh, anything to do with pampering and products, in particular the ‘ O 2 B Pampered’ Bindle. I also really like the house warming gifts or the ‘ For the Hostess’ Bindle as I like to entertain and cook. They are all great; it’s too hard to choose!

  1. Favourite fictional character? 

I think it would have to be Peter Rabbit.


 You can find Full of Grace products across a range of Melbourne cafes. For more information head to http://www.fullofgrace.com.au/


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