Nurture 4 Nurses

To say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year would be quite the understatement – and we’re only just past the halfway mark. As we look back at the happy go lucky photos of summer, there was no way we could have anticipated what was ahead of us.

But from extraordinary circumstances come exceptional undertakings and one kind deed often leads to another, having a domino effect.

Bindle is a gift giving business. It’s what we do, it’s what we love. We have gifts for all occasions and celebrations – milestones, birthdays, new jobs, new houses, new babies.

But the Autumn just past, as we obeyed orders and stayed at home – watching on the news the tireless nurses caring for patients with Coronavirus, putting themselves and their families at risk - we created a Bindle with the deepest of gratitude in mind.

We knew we weren’t the only ones wanting to celebrate these kind-hearted and devoted humans and thus Nurture 4 Nurses was born;

Nurture for Nurses Product

A Bindle choc full of local products to tickle the tastebuds, soothe the skin and nourish the soul. A gift to say “we appreciate your work, your kindness and care, please take a moment to rest and recharge”.

A platform in which Aussies could donate – big or small – towards the production and delivery of these Bindles.

A nomination form not just to collect the data of our nurses, but a place for people to express their gratitude and share the wonderful stories of the nurses in their lives.

Conscious of the economic impact the pandemic was having on local businesses (as we were feeling the pinch too) we spread the love in terms of product inclusions in the care package, in the hope that this campaign would also serve to keep some of our local suppliers’ afloat during these uncertain times.

Bindle was delighted at the response to the Nurture 4 Nurses campaign and received significant support from Instagram influencers, SmartCompany, Employsure, Inside Melbourne, and a gorgeous profile from Seed Heritage as part of their ‘Seed of an Idea’ campaign, to help us spread the word.

Catherine Blackford

As a result, the ball of kindness grew and grew as the initial target of $10,000 was hit and surpassed and donations steadily grew to the final figure of $11,550. This meant a total of 116 Nurture 4 Nurses Bindles were sent far and wide across our great land, landing in the hands of very grateful nurses. We loved seeing their reactions and appreciation splashed across the socials!

Whilst the campaign has now run its course, the pandemic and the work of our nurses remains, as does our heartfelt gratitude for their profession. Nurses, we salute you.

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