Expressions of Care

To say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year would be quite the understatement – and we’re only just past the halfway mark. As we look back at the happy go lucky photos of summer, there was no way we could have anticipated what was ahead of us.

Now, more than ever, is the time to reach out to your community. Australia is doing it tough, the VICs in particular, and one touch point of kindness can have an enormous impact. 
We are living in exceptional circumstances and it’s fair to say most of us could do with a really big hug. We’re missing mums, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, best friends, old friends, new friends, baby-sitters, colleagues, even… bosses!?

There are those sharing open and honest accounts of their struggles in these trying times and there are many keeping their frustrations locked away while trying to maintain a brave face. Whether you wish to send someone a little pick-me-up, or simply say ‘you are doing an incredible job’, do not underestimate the positive impact these simple messages can have on others. One small gesture in times like these can be enough to turn someone’s day, week or month around. 

So let’s get around those close to us that need a lift. Let’s get around our local producers and support our local economy. One good deed leads to another, sending just one Bindle will give someone a dose of sunshine on a Winter’s day as well as help to keep our local businesses alive. We see you Australia, and we’re here to help. 

At Bindle, we have been busily hunting and gathering for new beautiful Australian designed products so you can send a dose of sunshine to someone in need. 

To view our 'Thinking of You' collection click here.

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