WFH Box Feature by Urban List

"There's a serious amount of online ordering going on around Australia, and the rest of the world right now. We've covered everything from booze deliveries, to cheese deliveries, and of course groceries—all necessary, but where are the treats?

Bindle is a business founded in Melbourne that has launched a range of 'Work From Home' gift boxes that celebrate local suppliers and artisans.

The 'bindles' cover a range of gift options, those for him, for her, for babies, and so on. There are four new WFH bindles:

Check out the full range of bindles available on the Bindle website.

Thank you for the beautiful write up Urban List!

Interested in Corporate White Label Gifting?
At Bindle we understand how important it is to incorporate the business logo on a corporate gift, so with signature style, we have introduced Bindle Nude.
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