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Leif products celebrate Australia's diverse range of flora with botanical extracts and unique essential oils to create products that benefits both the body and mind. Carefully selecting the most vital plants from the far ranges of the rainforest to the outback, Leif develops formulas that have a distinctly Australian flavour including Kakadu Plum, Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle just to name a few.

Leif Hand Balm

Today, we talk to Jonnie Vigar to discover more about his Leif journey, interests and goals in life.

As we are in the business of celebrating Australian talent, what is your favourite place to visit in Australia?
Lord Howe Island, I was lucky enough to sail there a few years ago. Expensive to fly in as a tourist but if you arrive by boat they give you the ‘locals’ fare home. Seal Rocks is our annual camping trip.

A little closer to home, what is your favourite coffee haunt?
When at home, Rubys Diner https://www.rubysdinerwaverley.com/
When at work, Ruben Hills, http://www.reubenhills.com.au/

What are you currently reading/watching?
Re-reading ‘1984’ by George Orwell, Watching ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix

If you could describe your product in 3 words, what would it be?
Modern, Australian, Botanical

Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years?
We’re currently in discussion with potential distributors in North America and Japan. Fingers crossed…

Who has influenced you most in your life?
My grandfather, a talented engineer with warmth and morals.

What is your philosophy towards your work and life?
Try to be creative and protect your IP.

As we are in the gift giving business, what is your favourite gift that you received?

Our kids are a given but an object would be a leather bag my wife gave me many years ago. It was bought from POEPKE (now one of our stockists) and its looking very well loved but I can’t find anything half as nice to replace it.

Which Bindle would you pick for yourself?
BBQ Besties but Bathroom Bliss looks pretty good!

Do you have any 2019 resolutions?
I’m going to join our local gym… its April already.

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