BINDLE & WTF (I mean WFH!)

At the start of 2020 we happily celebrated a new decade. What better time to take stock of our priorities, and re-direct the ship.

Who would have predicted that we were about to sail straight over the edge of Mother Earth – because it is flat you know, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

First the dreadful fires impacting so many Australian lives, and now a world-wide pandemic which extends to the far reaches of the globe.

As businesses try to stay afloat, we are seeing so much creativity in the remodelling of ideas.

At BINDLE HQ we too have had to become more creative in promoting our wonderful Australian-made products.

Many workers have been mandated to work from home (or ‘WFH’ as the cool kids like to refer to it), and so much hinges on their continued efforts during difficult circumstances. We’ve seen hilarious images of workers concentrating on their computer screens, while the children are fixed to the floor with packing tape.

If you are one of those businesses relying even more on the dedication and loyalty of your staff, now may be an ideal time to show your appreciation.

We now have Work From Home Bindle boxes ready to be sent hither and thither across our big brown land, to say a huge thank you to a workforce beavering away behind locked doors.

The workers are the backbone of any business, and sometimes those bones are brittle and need some love.

Our hearts go out to you…….


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