On site with Bindle HQ in the silly season

The silly season is upon us, and by silly we refer not so much to jolliness and merriment, but the MAD rush in the lead up to Christmas in which days and weeks appear to literally disappear before our eyes.

Bindle is busy, and let’s be honest… a little silly – because how else do you get through!? The Bindle business swells from 10 staff up to 15 at this time of year and Erica (Client Account Director), Sarah and Emma (Warehouse Managers) share their thoughts on the best way to tackle the crazy Christmas workload.

Erica likens her role at this time of year to being on steroids. Sarah says there is no slow mo feature in her role and time lapse is more her speed – even more so leading into Christmas. Emma adds her role is totes at double speed – before you even mix in the additional staff to manage!  

“I’m churning out proposals for corporate gifting left, right and centre – it’s hectic but exhilarating.” Erica explains. “There’s the most wonderful camaraderie in the office, we help each other and no one is left behind. There’s a sense of determination to make sure Bindle thrives and succeeds during the busiest time of year – it sets the tone for the year to come.”

Sarah is choc full of Christmas spirit which she sprinkles all over the warehouse. “There is definitely a festive spring in my step because we get to pack such a variety of specialised small corporate orders with so many Christmas and Summer goodies inside. Quality control is important, so we obviously have to try all the goodies out before we pop them in the gifts!”

Stock supply and delays are one of the biggest challenges in the busy period - no matter how much you plan/organise/strategise… if one product is delayed it can all come unstuck.

It’s a moving puzzle for Sarah “Whether stock arrives early… late… just in the nick of time… the juggle of getting orders packed, finding space in the warehouse and sorting tasks for casual staff is very real!”

“Tetris is the name of the game,” Emma explains, “…moving, shuffling, spinning; cartons, boxes and people – to fit us all in!”

The stressful tasks are countered by an enthusiastic and supporting team, caffeine and Sarah’s Spotify playlist.  

 “We stay jolly with silliness and humour of course,” says Erica “we love to laugh and encourage everyone to be themselves. Sarah also sets the scene with decorations with a magical Christmas vibe – cleverly crafted by wrapping and packaging lying around the office.”

Sarah though is still waiting for permission to go full throttle with her Christmas theming. “Spotify is my Saviour. We currently have on repeat a combo of Brit Pop… but only until I am granted approval to introduce ol’ Mrs Christmas - Mariah Carey - into the playlist.”

Emma is looking forward to tools down on Christmas Eve. “It’s a great time to reflect on what a small, but strong community of women at Bindle have achieved together.”

With the Koko Black Christmas Marshmallow already undergoing rigorous quality control testing we suggest you get your Christmas orders in before stock runs out. You can peruse all our Christmas Bindles – recommended viewing to the soundtrack of ol’ Mrs Christmas of course.

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