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Do you know what the most common cause of homelessness in Australia is? Recent research has shown the majority of Melbournians will jump to the conclusion that drug addiction is the key driver of homelessness, however it is domestic and family violence that is the leading cause of our neighbours sleeping rough.

According to Melbourne City Mission, over 22,000 Victorians are without a home each night, and 6,000 of those are under 25 years of age. 

“I believe having a roof over your head is a human right.” explains Managing Director of Bindle, Catherine Blackford. “You shouldn’t need statistics thrown in your face to realise that life is so tough for so many. After a long day grappling with unthinkable hardship, shelter and a safe place to sleep should be the least our society can provide for those battling challenging life circumstances.”  

It was an easy decision for Bindle to partner with Launch Housing and Bindle will be donating 5% of all online sales for April, May and June to their great work. Bindle is proud to be part of the solution to start building momentum towards #MelbourneZero. Everybody housed. Zero homelessness.

Launch Housing, based in Collingwood, Cheltenham and St Kilda, is committed to reversing the rate of homelessness and delivering the housing solutions that others won’t. Bindle is proudly supporting Launch Housing because of their conviction that homelessness is solvable and not an intractable issue that we have to tolerate as a fact of life in our community.

“Homelessness is a reflection of our community’s inability to help those that need help the most. Launch Housing is stepping up to help their communities where others are not, and we wholeheartedly support this.” added Catherine.

Bindle’s dedication to the community, to ‘support local’ charitable organisations, is equally as important to the business as hero-ing our local artisans and producers within our products and storytelling.

One good deed leads to another, so if sending a beautiful (locally made and produced) gift doesn’t give you all the warm and fuzzies, you can really turn up the feel-good volume knowing that your purchase is also supporting the #MelbourneZero movement and helping to put more rooves over more heads.

For more information, or to learn how you or your business can contribute to wonderful initiatives such as the ‘Roughin it Challenge’ or to become a monthly sponsor, visit the Launch Housing website.

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