Incorporating gifting into your growth strategy

Most businesses would (should!?) have a detailed customer growth strategy – which can be as niche or broad as your local creek or the Atlantic Ocean. Regardless of which category your growth strategy falls under, it would be prudent to review this and ensure an investment in gifting is included.

Relationships underpin so much business activity and building relationships is hard – it’s time consuming and can be really uncomfortable for some. Funnelling your energy into your existing relationships can open the floodgates to creating new relationships with minimal effort via positive word of mouth.

Here’s how an investment in gifting can assist. 

Raise brand awareness
Tell a story about your brand through creative gifting. In a digital world of countless emails, personalised gifts can demonstrate thought and care in distinguishing your business from others. Gifts with a personal touch can transform your business development strategies to convert prospects.

Engage customers and build loyalty
Gifts of gratitude to clients and customers are a wonderful tool to build loyalty and drive repeat sales. High quality and long-lasting gifts can ensure your customers stay engaged with your brand, keeping you front of mind far beyond the business transaction. 

Recognise and reward employees
A small investment in recognising and rewarding your staff will be returned in productivity and loyalty from employees who feel engaged and valued. Celebrate success, milestones or personal achievements through personalised gifting. 

Bridge the global divide
Regardless of where you are geographically, gifts can achieve a sense of closeness when this may be physically impossible (or simply inconvenient).

Get a competitive edge
Chances are your clients work with many other competing businesses. Gifting can effectively ensure your business exceeds client expectations, making you the preferred partner. So, make generosity part of your growth strategy and create a customer appreciation strategy.

Research shows that people are more likely to complain than praise businesses when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. A thoughtful, well curated – and unexpected - gift could be the difference between a satisfactory experience and an exceptional experience - one that people will want to talk about. Don’t you think that’s worth investing in?

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