A day in the life of ... Grace and James

If Grace and James was a person, they’d be Bindle’s sister from another mister. With business priorities of sustainability and locally made, high-quality products, the synergies are obvious and Bindle is obsessed with these candles that look and smell divine. We took some time out with owner and Creative Director, Cat Sanders, to find out what goes into the making of these sensory delights.

As a mother of three, Cat’s days start early and with coffee to fuel the morning rush out the door to school and kinder.

“My days are a big mix of parenting and business, beginning around 6am and winding down at 9:30/10pm - no day is the same.”

Where to start? The creativity and inspiration behind the scents at Grace and James is driven by a love of travel and immersion in foreign countries and cultures.   

“We start with a favourite destination or place of natural beauty and use these elements to create a fragrance that we feel embodies or carries you away to that experience or place.”

Fragrances are created through work with some of the world’s most expert parfumists, resulting in scents that are sophisticated, long lasting and complex. This, combined with the exceptional quality of the candles is what makes them stand out in the market.

“We have tested and developed many different variations of wax and fragrance to come up with our all-natural blend of base wax. Every single candle is poured, finished and cleaned by hand prior to labelling and packing. This means all products are carefully inspected throughout the process. Every single product is created with love and it really shows!”

Despite the never ending ‘to-do’ list, Cat prioritises getting her nails done regularly. A ritual she loves and helps her feel put together. The business bookwork is a chore but Cat thrives in the creative process of new products and re-branding.

“I know what I like, so I’m quick to know what I think will look good or work well. Front and centre for us is Christmas. We have the most deliciously festive fragrance for this year. We’re also in the creative and development stage for a new collection to be released early next year.” 

With three young children at home and seven employees in the office (which swells during peak production time) life is pretty busy, but Cat knows that switching off is essential.

90 Day Fiancé is my current wind down/relaxing time. So bad, but it’s soo good!”

And the perfect Grace and James candle to have burning during 90 Day Fiancé?

“Our newest offering, K’gari (pronounced ‘gurri’) is a dream! It’s notes of Desert Lime, Clove and Red Gum are both cosy and spicy, perfect for Melbourne winter nights in!”

The luscious Grace and James candles feature in a range of Bindles, try Eco Kitchen, Starry Nights, Under The Mistletoe or Light a Candle. Make a List.

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