Bindle and muesli that’s just Two Good

Is there anything better than a delicious bowl of muesli in the morning? How about a delicious bowl of muesli that’s not only fuelling your day, but also providing a nourishing meal for a domestic violence survivor in a local women’s refuge?

Bindle has recently partnered with Two Good Co and with a clear alignment of business values and principles it’s easy to see why. The Two Good muesli is handmade, high quality and Australian produced and every packet sold gives back to a community in need, assisting in providing good food to domestic violence survivors.

The story of Two Good Co started with three blokes wanting to feed some (less fortunate) hungry people with a road-side barbeque and quickly evolved into Australia’s first organic soup kitchen at Saint Canice’s in Kings Cross. Unintentionally, Two Good grew exponentially but never discarded the commitment to serving clean food that is grown, sourced and prepared with respect.

Two Good exists under the belief that everyone is worthy of love and respect. Now a catering company with links to many high-profile chefs, the premise of the social enterprise is ‘buy one, give one’ and uses good food and good things (think candles, hand lotion, muesli!) to share love and respect with women who have lived experience of domestic violence and homelessness. With a Foundation set up to run the ‘Work Work Employment Program’, every catering order helps to employ women from safe houses in the program and make the meals for the shelters and businesses that Two Good serve.

To date, Two Good Co has donated more than 184,000 restaurant quality meals across Sydney and Melbourne, delivered more than 4,000 donated gifts to women in refuges and provided over 27,000 hours of paid employment for women in the Work Work Employment Program. 

The simple philosophy of Two Good Co is ‘Make an order, make a difference. It’s that easy.’ And Bindle is proud to support this through a truly wholesome breakfast. You’ll find the Two Good Co muesli in our Boardroom Breakfast and many of our custom curated corporate gifts.

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