I grew up on a property and spent my formative years clambering over sheep’s backs and fossicking in creek beds. My bedroom was awash with “creations” as I cut and pasted as if my life depended on it.
 The usual followed – school, then university which gave me a degree in Landscape Architecture, and I woke up in IT! Eating, drinking, laughing with friends and family were pivotal to my life, but there was a void.

My creative impulses were suppressed and needed an airing. This is what transpired … Sweating on finding original, tailored presents to give my friends for milestone occasions. What limited my ability to do this every time was time itself, and I found myself flying around like a chook without a head in the vain hope of finding an original gift which conveyed the sentiments behind it. Sheer despair flicked the switch on the Bindle light bulb. May the light never go out.

Catherine x