Nurture 4 Nurses


Can I buy one bundle of a Bindle to send to a nurse?

The Nurture 4 Nurses Bindles have been put together based on a budget of the campaign target of $10,000 which will fund 100 Nurture 4 Nurses Bindles.
Each Bindle includes Calming Tea by Love Tea, spring jaw infuser, Melbourne Rooftop Honey, Leif Buddha Wood Hand Balm, Leif Desert Lime Body Lotion, caramel fudge by Fudge by Rich and Bahen & Co chocolate plus a greeting card with a special thank you to nurses.
Given all contributions will go directly to the production and delivery of these Bindles we are unable to send out ‘part-Bindles’.

What happens if I contribute but the campaign target is not reached?

The way Pozible campaigns work are it’s all or nothing. Our goal is to reach $10,000 so that we can send out 100 Bindles. Should we not reach our target all contributions will be refunded.

How will you decide which nominated nurses receive Bindles?

As anyone can nominate a nurse (without having to contribute to the campaign) and we encourage nurses to nominate themselves, we anticipate that we will have more nominated nurses than Nurture 4 Nurses Bindles to send out. In this case recipients will be selected at random from the list of nominated nurses. 
For nurses to be eligible they must be currently registered and their registration will be verified with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

How can I ensure that the nurse I nominate receives a Bindle?

If you would like to ensure that the nurse you wish to nominate receives a Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle, or you wish to send a Bindle to a nurse who is not currently registered, you can purchase the Nurture for Nurses Bindle directly online for a limited time. Please note this purchase will not count as a contribution towards the Pozible Nurture 4 Nurses crowd-funding campaign.

Is my contribution to Nurture 4 Nurses tax deductible?

Your contribution is not tax deductible. Only registered Australian Not for Profits and Charities with the required fundraising licenses or exemptions may accept donations as part of their Project.


Bindle has created the Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle to ensure that all monies contributed to the campaign go directly into the cost of producing and delivering the Bindles. As such we are unable to send out ‘part-Bindles’ and any donation bundles under $100 will be combined to create a whole Bindle.

Anyone is able to nominate a nurse to receive a Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle and any nurse is able to nominate themselves. Therefore we anticipate we will have more nurses nominated than Bindles to deliver. Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle recipients will be selected at random from the list of nominated nurses once the campaign target is reached and their registration will be verified with with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).