Seed of an Idea Campaign

The global coronavirus pandemic sparked an outpouring of generosity and altruism among Australians, providing much-needed hope and comfort. It’s never been more important to support our communities, show compassion and find new ways to help our neighbours in need. Seed Heritage, together with Marie Claire, recently launched its Seed of an Idea campaign to help women kickstart their own businesses. But in this new climate, we’ve shifted the focus and will be supporting charities and local social enterprises.

Meet Catherine Blackford, founder and director of Bindle. In 2012, Catherine knew she wanted to follow her heart and creative flair. By merging design, environmental responsibility, relationship building and local products, Bindle was created. Starting as a ‘hobby’, Bindle is now an Australia-wide boutique business delivering stylish gift packages to celebrate extraordinary talents of local artists.

After witnessing the effect of Coronavirus on local businesses and the community, Catherine launched the #Nurture4Nurses campaign. This grew from the desire to acknowledge and pay gratitude to healthcare workers fighting on the frontline of COVID-19, whilst also supporting local businesses in need.

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