Consuming Responsibly

Responsible Consumerism is a movement that is really snowballing. In fact it’s gaining momentum at such pace, there’s every chance you feel like you’d like to participate, but it’s too far gone to ask straight out… what is responsible consumerism? A little like meeting someone at a party… you’ve got their general vibe but you’re too far into the conversation to ask what their name is again. 

Let us re-introduce you.

Responsible consumerism aims to lower our overall impact on the earth and contributing to a better society. And how do you play, you might ask? By making conscious decisions on where to spend your hard-earned cash. Rewarding those businesses who operate within a sustainable model and withholding funds from businesses who still put profit before protectionism.

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Here are some easy ways to become a responsible consumer.

  1. Avoid purchasing anything that comes with excess packaging – particularly soft plastics that end up as waste.
  2. Ensure any packaging is recycled/recyclable or compostable.
  3. Check where your products are manufactured and try to buy as close to home as possible.
  4. Research the corporate social responsibility policies of your favourite brands – most will promote the fact they don’t test products on animals or only use fair trade cocoa/coffee/mungbeans in their products, but it can be worth checking they also meet minimum wage and working condition standards for their employees too.
  5. Support businesses who support charities.
  6. Try your hand at second hand. Someone else’s trash may just be your treasure, and you could nab it for a fraction of the price of buying new.
  7. Think quality over quantity – this one is a Bindle favourite. Spend a little more on something that will last a lot longer.
  8. Lastly, avoid excess. There’s no denying shopping can fun, but rather than using ‘shopping’ as a pastime, try to purchase only what you need and take up another hobby instead.

The purchasing power of the consumer can’t be underrated. Don’t wonder if your actions alone will really make a difference - know that if we all take action we will make a huge difference. Vote with your dollars to support those business committed to treading as lightly as possible while contributing to the local community.

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