Celebrating International Coffee Day


Talk about passion points – we could go all day on these two (we won’t though – think of this more as the Executive Summary).

Friday 1st October is International Coffee Day and we are here for the celebration. In the heart of Richmond we are surrounded by, and we embrace, the famous Melbourne coffee culture. Days start after coffee and within the office we have a wide range of preferences – from your flat whites to your long blacks to your soy lattes, and while technically not coffee but certainly fitting within the culture, you can’t forget the babychinos.

Bindle has been partnering with Clark St Coffee since 2020 and as if their product wasn’t inspiring enough, the work they are doing in the sustainability space is next level.

There’s no doubt that high consumption of coffee can create a high amount of waste. Clark St Coffee is working hard to combat this through the development of compostable coffee bags, compostable cups and compostable coffee capsules. And while innovations in compostable products is an improvement on conventional packaging, the full benefits can’t be realised without accessible composting. This is why Clark St Coffee is also rolling out an organics waste collection service which collects coffee grinds, compostable coffee bags, cups and kitchen waste which is then either processed into nutrient rich fertilizer or used to generate biogas that can then be used to create energy in the form of electricity. The resultant digested waste is used as compost for parks or farms, thus completing the life cycle of your cappuccino.

More broadly, Clark St Coffee is working with producers around the world to undertake more sustainable growing and processing methods. Clark St commits to forward contracts and year on year relationships and also commits to paying a premium for high quality coffee as an incentive for producers and import partners to engage and invest in long-term programs of quality and sustainability.

Melissa Floreani, owner of Clark St Coffee explains “We recognise that a large amount of work goes into producing consistent, high quality specialty coffee. Producers need to have the confidence to innovate and experiment with farming and processing methods that improve their coffee quality along with their productivity, environmental and economic sustainability.”

Thanks to organisations like Clark St Coffee this means higher quality coffee with a lower impact on the earth for all of us. That’s worth drinking to.

So if you know someone passionate about coffee (surely EVERYBODY knows SOMEBODY who is passionate about coffee!?) give them a welcome surprise this International Coffee Day with one of our coffee themed Bindles featuring Clark St Coffee – Coffee Lust, Short Black and Sides or The Daily Grind.

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