Ena instincts with Lindy Lloyd

Ena Products founder Lindy Lloyd forged her career in media and advertising until she started to feel a strong pull into the health and healing space. With no experience, Lindy followed her instinct to develop products that are natural, kind, cleansing and enduring. Named after her Grandma and Mum, Lindy tells us how she started from scratch to build her beautiful range of products.

How long did you ponder entering the health and healing space before you jumped? Was there a defining tipping point? 

Health and healing is in my DNA.  My family ran a gym/wellness centre way back before they were a thing and my mum was a great tennis player, even making it through the qualifying rounds at Wimbledon!  

It wasn’t until I left the advertising industry, and travelled around the world solo, that I could fully contemplate my true passion. I returned to Melbourne to study massage therapy and was later taught how to create my own formulations using natural ingredients.  I continued with massage but had at the back of my mind that I wanted to launch my own range.  The tipping point was the birth of my daughter.  The emotional and physical energy required for massage was too much whilst also caring for a newborn. 

You mention your pure thinking side spent a career in media and advertising before Ena products came about from your feeling side. Which drives the business now?

To be honest, I’m driven by my feeling side first.  From time to time, I need to remind myself to engage my business brain too.  I made some wonderful friends in my time in advertising, who have been able to help me in so many ways with Ena.

What makes your products uniquely Australian? 

Ena’s packaging was designed with a nod to the Australian landscape.  Created and made in Australia, using a selection of uniquely Australian botanicals, our range has a sense of style while caring for our beautiful land.  Our bottles are made from 100% recycled rPET and our formulations contain no harmful chemicals to preserve our waterways.  Australia is known for its clean beauty, and we endeavour to play our part in keeping it that way.

You donate to three very difference charities from the proceeds of your online sales – what made you choose these charities? 

i=Change is a wonderful platform that enables businesses like ours to give back to a number of NGOs.  The difficult part was choosing just 3!  

  1. UN Women because empowering women and girls until there is gender equality is a no brainer.  We’ve come a long way, but there’s still much work to be done.  We have a daughter… what more can I say?
  2. Restore The Reef because I see our beautiful reef as the flagship for the Australian environment.  As one of the “7 Natural Wonders of the World” means the world is watching.  Saving the reef should have a flow on effect for the rest of the country.
  3. Adara because their incredible work provides disadvantaged women and children with education and health services to empower them. They raise awareness within Nepalese communities to prevent child trafficking and implement strong child protection practices.

What’s next for Ena Products? 

We have a few new products in development, which I’m very excited about.  We’re always reassessing our environmental commitment too - that never stops.  


Some short, sharp, ‘aussie’ questions. 

Favourite memory growing up as a kid in Australia? 

Running wild with our “pack” down at Phillip Island.  Being the youngest in the group, I remember yelling “wait for me!” a lot.  Memories of sun kissed skin, bare feet on the sand and sausage sizzles on the beach, filled with constant chatter and lots of laughter.

Favourite place to holiday in Australia? 

Phillip Island - we never really left!  Now we’re creating memories for our daughter and her friends… so precious.

If you could invite three Australians (past or present) to dinner who would they be and why? 

Sir Gustav Nossal (Scientist/Humanitarian), even before Immunologists were the rock stars of the modern world, I admired this man.  His incredible intellect and warm personality would have me hanging on every word.  I’ve always been drawn to a genuine smile too!

Peter Ustinov (Actor/Writer/ Raconteur/Humanitarian), one of the world’s best.  What a talent to sell out the Arts Centre just by sitting on a stool talking!  Funny and engaging, he had such a command of the English language. 

My Mum, Beth - I miss her.

You’ll find Lindy’s tribute to her mum in the delightful Ena Mandarin & Bergamot Hand Treatment (which JUST won Best Hand Cream in the 2022 Beauty Shortlist awards!), found within our ‘baby’ range of Bindles – from Bump through to Beautiful Bambino. The perfect gift - and so fitting given the story behind the product - for any new mum.


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