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Father’s Day is fast approaching and we’ve taken some time to delve into the lives of some of our Bindle Family Fathers, to find out how they manage the juggle, and what they really want this Father’s Day (spoiler – socks and jocks do not feature).

Travis from Small Batch Co is certainly busy with Hazel (5 years), Goldie (2.5 years) and Bowie (7 months). In bringing Small Batch Co to life, Travis envisaged the business not only as creative outlet, but also an opportunity to create a lifestyle that would allow more flexibility and space for a (potential!) family. This is exactly how things have played out and Travis says the kids are a big part of the business family. “The business is an extension of their world and the team loves it when the kids are in the office!”

Whether it’s at work, at the park or in the pool, Travis and his kids just love hanging out together.

The kids each have different interests, so days are a mix of both indoor creative and outdoor activities – Goldie’s current fave is the sandpit!

Everyday the kids inspire Travis to continue to create a business that they can all be proud of and learn from. They also play a vital role in creating and developing products as taste testers. Travis adds, “They have very interesting ideas when it comes to flavours!”

Similar to many, Travis is hoping for a lockdown free Father’s Day this year. But regardless, he will be happy with a day spent with his wife and children, and a great day of fun!

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Joel of NIB + NOBLE fame, started up his business back in 2013 and has been balancing dad and work life for the past four years, but often combines the two. Joel’s daughter loves a trip to the warehouse or joining her dad on a car ride to see customers or pop into a café.

Joel says his daughter inspires him to work hard in his business, “if you’re going to be away from your children for a good chunk of the day and missing out on time with them, ideally the work you are doing would be meaningful work, where you are working towards something that really matters to you.” Joel also says the business has definitely benefitted from his daughter’s input – if she doesn’t like eating or drinking a certain product then it needs to be improved or thrown out!

Away from work, time is filled with chalk drawings on the footpath, painting, playing at the park, or Joel’s favourite activity – jumping around, dancing and singing together. Special daddy/daughter time is also spent in the kitchen cooking and baking.

This Father’s Day, Joel is hoping for a quiet day in bed, or at least a sleep in, but will be equally happy with breakfast at their favourite local café and a play at the park, because in Joel’s words “It might be Father’s Day, however it’s daughter day everyday!”

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Craig, Bindle’s ‘retail cadet’ married into the Bindle family following a chance meeting with Bindle’s founder Catherine at the dog park and has since played a pivotal role in growing the family. Of course, Bindle was Catherine’s original baby, then came two fur babies and then two real life babies – Albee and Olive who are now four and two. Craig fondly confesses both kids are cheeky, determined, energetic and horrible sleepers.

Craig admits having your own business can be a double-edged sword – it gives you flexibility but also kills routine and is at times hard to switch off, resulting in frequent late nights. However, Craig loves to see Albee and Olive in the Bindle office, exploring, learning, being cheeky and getting spoilt by the staff. “It’s magical watching them run around in the space we have created”. Inspired by their mini-me’s, Catherine and Craig have developed a delightful range of Albert + Olive candles – you’ll find one in our For The Chap Bindle.

Away from Bindle, Craig loves to take Albee and Olive to the beach or to go on an adventure in nature. “I like to show them the things I love, in the hope they will find a similar beauty to it.” As a family, cooking is enjoyed by all which if often messy and while the kids can be fussy “they definitely enjoy licking the spoons when we’re making cookies or cakes”.

On Father’s Day this year, this dad will be satisfied with a simple hug – “I’m big on cuddles”.

From the Bindle family – we wish Joel, Travis and Craig - and every dad - a happy Father’s Day this September. If you are still in search of a gift, check out our full Father’s Day Collection of Bindles.

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