Marshall White Making an Impression

For over 50 years, Marshall White has defined the Melbourne property market. Founder Mr Marshall White, or ‘Marsh’ as he’s affectionately known, envisioned a specialised boutique agency with a focus on service, details, and relationships. It has been apparent in our dealings with Marshall White, that Marsh’s legacy lives on.

Bindle has been very fortunate in joining forces with two top seeds from the Marshall White team. It is always a pleasure collaborating with professionals who value attention to detail and the experience of gifting as much as we do. We curated bespoke custom branded gifts that represent Marshall White brand values and reinforce the importance of relationships in business (and life).

We caught up with Marshall White Associate Director Nicholas Brooks, and Sales Assistant Madeleine Stuart, to talk about corporate gifting in the real estate market.

How important is gifting in your business growth strategy in retaining existing clients, and growing referral channels? 

"Vital. From anniversary gifts, settlement gifts, thank you presents, referral gifts. All vital touch points to both strengthen relationships and separate our service from the industry norms."

What is the significance of representing your brand in a tasteful and quality fashion? How does the selection of products within your gifts represent your brand? 

"I think it’s indicative of the care you put into all aspects of service. A range of quality, custom, handmade, locally produced items over a generic gift is reflective of the level of care and service we hope to represent in our day to day with clients."

Have you received any feedback from your clients and gift recipients good bad or otherwise?

"The ‘surprise’ anniversary gifts that clients have received for 1 year or 5 year anniversaries that we introduced last year have been exceptionally well received. To get a surprise box of beautiful items out of the blue can really spark joy into a clients’ week and has always been met with a thankful phone call or message."

Please tell us about you experience in working with Bindle Team from brief to implementation?

"Catherine and her team are phenomenal – they know their products inside and out and have an amazing feel for what is appropriate and fitting as a gift and always present the gift in a beautiful hand wrapped manner that exudes thought and care."

Anything you would like to add?

"The relationship we have built with Bindle to be able to reliably request gifts or hampers to be sent for any reason (referral, baby, housewarming) and know that the recipient is going to be absolutely delighted with what is sent is a great comfort to us and a part of our business we can comfortably and confidently leave in the hands of the professionals. Thank you for everything!"

To explore how Bindle can assist your corporate gifting strategy, visit Bindle NUDE, where you’ll find all the essential details on custom branded gifting.

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