BINDLE Full Circle

So often in life things go in cycles. Fashion trends return decades later (though please God not flairs); food trends re-emerge; one is born dependent & often becomes dependent on others in the end (that is of course unless you are lucky – VERY lucky).

Many years ago I crossed the border to Victoria armed with a degree in Fine Arts & French & ready to take on the world of employment opportunities.

I had toyed with the idea of being a criminal barrister as a child, but perhaps it was the idea of frocking up & a sense of the theatre that appealed, rather than any idea of what a criminal barrister actually did. 

My first job was storeman & packer for a Swedish glass wholesaler, who also had me drive his children to school. Odd job requirement if you think about it, but then he was rather odd anyway.

Decades later I’m once again back in the storeroom unpacking boxes of Bindle products which have been relocated to a larger space. I have to take an antiquated lift that terrifies me for the two minutes I’m inside. My mother wouldn’t fly as every plane crashes apparently, & I’m not insane about lifts I have to tell you, as you know what happens to them! My phobia for cramped spaces must have started when my sister pinned me under the bedclothes when I was little, & manifested itself in the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome. I was as good as entombed.

Having survived the lift & once inside the new Bindle storage space, I have a ridiculous enjoyment out of seeing all the products arranged with their labels to the fore. Perhaps I’m simple? I marvel at the elegant packaging, the simplicity of presentation, the fragrances of the teas & body products. To think that at the bottom of this food chain someone, somewhere close by, is stirring a cauldron like Macbeth’s witches to create the body products. Grapes are trampled to produce the wine; olives are pressed to make the oil; biscuits are whipped out of hot ovens. A hive of diverse local boutique industries is creating these wonderful products, & the culmination of their journey is when they arrive at your door exquisitely packaged by BINDLE

Margie x

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