Love Thy Neighbour

…..because when it bites, as the last years have shown us, we realize how valuable neighbours can be.

Typically, in an apartment block there is an attitude that you don’t need to know, or don’t particularly care what is happening behind the numbered doors – unless of course blood curdling screams are heard, in which case dial 000 & hide.

My experience emanates from a boutique apartment block, which sounds frightfully posh I know. It’s easier to recognise and even get to know a handful of fellow apartment dwellers, but nigh impossible if you lived in a 50-storey apartment block. 

Much of 2020 was spent in lockdown to try to contain the pandemic coursing throughout the world – which is the definition of a pandemic of course. 

At Easter there were little door drops of easter eggs, notes asking if there was anything needed at the market. Little courtesies that revealed a microcosm of actions in the greater community. 

Even as I combed the streets on my dedicated exercise regime, I noticed fresh produce and herbs left street-side for anyone that wanted them. 

A new empathy arose where everyone greeted one another, even if it was just crinkly eyes that showed there was a smile behind the mask. Everyone was in it together, and so we acknowledged a shared human experience.

At Bindle HQ it was business as usual, although carefully managed to protect the safety of staff. As people spent more time at their computers the ease and efficacy of online shopping reached heady heights.

The key calendar events – Easter; Christmas; Valentine’s Day were celebrated via personalised messages and thoughtful gifts. We like to think the ‘support local’ and ‘sustainability’ were the drawcards that seduced our buyers, as this raises and answers ethical considerations.

There was a greater focus on shifting consumer attention from products made overseas to Made in Australia.

Bindle paved the way and stands tall and proud for supporting our local artisans and craftsman.

As Victorians sit through a “short sharp” lockdown we continue to support the neighbourhood. Our collective gaze has been diverted from overseas and come closer to home – to our cafes, shops and markets. A negative flipped to a positive – or ‘pivoting’ as I hear ad nauseum.

BRAVISSIMO to all Australians who have endured state lockdowns in all their manifestations. As a collective community we have proven to be resilient and emerged stronger for the experience.

The stuff of legends!

Margie Blackford

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