Getting to know G’day Baby

Sarah had simply had enough. Faced with a choice of settling for ‘not good enough’ fast fashion or finding a better way to make clothes for her kids and protect the environment they grow up in, well really, there was no choice.

G’day Baby is the product of wonderful Aussie parents wanting more - for kids, the environment and their community - and doing something about it, driven by frustration and passion. G’day Baby produces natural, ethical, environmentally conscious, long lasting and comfortable clothing for children. We picked the brains of co-founder, Sarah.

Why G’day Baby?

From the moment we decided ‘not good enough’ would no longer cut it, it took four years. Four years to source the finest organic yarns, to select respected producers and craftspeople across the country, to create comfy pieces that could withstand the wildest kids’ adventure and we could ensure every item was good enough for the ones we love. Then in 2017 we launched our range of baby and kids wear.

G’day Baby represents both an end and a beginning. We landed on the name because we were farewelling the old way of doing things and saying G’day to being comfy always, to sustainable clothing that fits well and lasts longer, and to a smaller imprint on our future planet.

What is it about your product that is uniquely Australian?

Each and every product is made right here in Australia from Australian fabrics – sadly that in itself is unique these days.

The simplicity of our everyday essentials collection reflects a distinct laid back Aussie vibe - pared back designs allow the children to shine rather than the other way around.

Our prints feature Australian flora and fauna, the inspiration for our prints comes from our belief that children who have an awareness and connection to their environment and the animals they share it with will be more likely to respect and nurture it.  

Bindle is committed to partnering with suppliers who prioritise sustainability – how does sustainability feature in your business?

Sustainability and ethics define each and every decision we make - we owe it to our kids and their kids – and feel it is our responsibility to change the definition of how we consume, especially in regard to fashion.

Our certified fibers are grown in a manner that celebrates sustainable land management without the use of pesticides, we use natural dyes and certified organic water-based inks for screen printing.

Our clothes are made to last. They are designed to become ‘hand me downs’ and eventually composted. We are careful not to over-produce, with small batch production across Sydney and Melbourne keeping our carbon footprint low and reducing waste.  Our packaging is minimal, plastic free and made in regional Australia from recycled paper, our swing tags are purposely designed to be re-used as bookmarks!

Our stores offer a repair service for well-worn clothing and a buy-back for pre-loved clothing benefiting our favourite Australian children’s and wildlife charities.

We delight in supporting Australian industry and jobs, offering a safe and flexible working environment for our staff. To provide some context, our sewers earn more in one hour than their offshore counterparts are paid for a month’s work.

What’s next for G’day Baby?

We don’t like to give too much away… but we are excited to be growing our natural dye collection - nature provides the most incredible hues. We’re also focused on opening another G’day store! Our Sydney store offers new and pre-loved G’day clothing and a beautiful collection of Australian made toys and accessories.

Unless we stay innovative in our processes, we aren’t doing right by our future planet so we’re mapping what our production floor will look like in five years and jumping for joy at the opportunities we’ve identified for carbon, efficiency, and the benefits for our people.

Our three standard, true blue quick questions:

  1. Favourite memory growing up as a kid in Australia?
    Holidays! Summers by the coast and winters in the bush. Long car rides, high anticipation levels and memorable adventures - that’s the beauty of our backyard – it truly is rich and rare.
  1. Favourite place to holiday in Australia?
    An impossible choice. Anywhere, so long as it’s with my family.
  1. If you could invite three great Australians (past or present!) to dinner who would they be?
    My grandparents, who I miss every day. (Editor’s note – in this case you are granted four guests).

You will find the (utterly gorgeous) G’day Baby Gumnut Beanie in the Mother to Be and Little One Bindles, and the heavenly G’day Baby Sheer Wrap in the Beautiful BambinoGrandiose Bambino, and Mother and Baby Boy and Mother and Baby Girl Bindles. 

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