The Dream Team

We’re a small but mighty team here at Bindle. Each member of our dedicated staff play a critical role in sourcing, preparing, sending and sharing the Bindle love.

Meet Our Team

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing people behind the Bindles.

Matriarch of the Bindle Family Bindle TeamMatriarch of the Bindle Family Bindle Team
Catherine Blackford
Matriarch of the Bindle Family

Bindle is Catherine’s first baby, born 2012. When she isn’t raising baby black birds, she is showing the same love and care for her Bindle staff, clients and customers. With obsessive levels of attention to detail, Catherine is the brains behind the business, the cheerleader behind her team and a fierce advocate for local artisans. A Little Lift is her Bindle pick.

Retail Cadet Bindle TeamRetail Cadet Bindle Team
Craig Rowston
Retail Cadet

Catherine’s other half unknowingly started working for Bindle the day the pair first locked eyes. Craig is known for talking too loudly on the phone and pointing out a ‘good rustic shed’ when on the road. He loves bringing the Bindle family together with his own and is a big fan of Big Bright and Beautiful.

Client liaison Bindle TeamClient liaison Bindle Team
Erica Markus
Client liaison

The newest recruit to the Bindle fold, Erica’s chirpy Kiwi accent has provided a beautiful harmony to the Bindle melody. Erica loves to dance (much to the disappointment of her two sons), almost as much as she loves bringing her client’s vision to life. Her Bindle recommendation is Naughty but Nice.

Marketing mogul Bindle TeamMarketing mogul Bindle Team
Brooke Lacey
Marketing mogul

We had her at Koko Black – or so Brooke said when she joined the Bindle family in October 2020. Brooke’s passion is to share stories, something we have in abundance here at Bindle. Her Bindle pick? Bathroom Bliss.

Warehouse Boss Bindle TeamWarehouse Boss Bindle Team
Emma Thorold
Warehouse Boss

Since 2017 Emma has been known at Bindle for incredible Tetris magic when putting together gift compositions. This same talent does not apply however, to keeping track of her personal items which she loses almost on the daily. Emma is passionate about sustainability and beautiful design, with Top to Toe being her Bindle pick.

Warehouse Warrior Bindle TeamWarehouse Warrior Bindle Team
Sarah Armitage
Warehouse Warrior

It’s the simple things that get Sarah fired up – simple things like pen performance. When she isn’t debating ballpoint v felt tip, she can be found applying the same level of attention to detail to her beautiful gift wrapping. Since September 2020 Sarah has both fit in and stood out at Bindle HQ, and her Bindle fave is Serious about Cheese.

Hunter and Gatherer Bindle TeamHunter and Gatherer Bindle Team
Amanda Armitage
Hunter and Gatherer

Amanda was recruited to the Bindle family in 2022 to hunt and gather amazing new Australian products suitable for our Bindles. But this is but one of the thousand tasks that Amanda throws her energy into at Bindle. Amanda loves discovering new local talents but she does not love coffee. She is a rather rare Melbournian who would rather drink tea. Pop the kettle on. Amanda’s top Bindle is Top to Toe.

Graphics Guru Bindle TeamGraphics Guru Bindle Team
Ramona Lindsay
Graphics Guru

Ramona, Ramona, where for art thou Ramona? Since 2021 Ramona has been weaving her Bindle magic from her home office. An ideal fit for the Bindle ethos, Ramona has a great love of origami and tries to incorporate it into her design work whenever possible. Within her role she loves working with clean lines and great photography, which she says both are in abundance at Bindle! Fittingly, Ramona’s favourite Bindle is Namaste Home – she can’t go past a good candle.

Ghostwriter Bindle TeamGhostwriter Bindle Team
Claire McKendry

Claire joined Bindle in July 2020 - aka peak pandemic. She is a Bindle enigma, rarely gracing the studio with her presence but always turning in beautiful editorial and is happiest when unearthing the inspiring stories behind Bindle’s artisans. Claire’s favourite Bindle is Naughty but Nice because… chocolate.

Master of Operations Bindle TeamMaster of Operations Bindle Team
Janet Dobson
Master of Operations

Janet is Bindle’s ops and finance guru, calculating the way since 2017. Janet is known for (not always) finding Emma’s lost things and an all-consuming love of coffee. Her favourite Bindles are Gesture with Gin and Very Serious About Cheese, as cheese is serious business!

 Bindle Team Bindle Team
Keziah Warner

Keziah is our international origamist - she’d take Santa’s top elf to task at the World Cup of Wrapping. Making her Bindle debut in November 2021 this gift-wrapping guru hit the ground running. With infectious enthusiasm and an addictive accent, her stories have the office hanging on every word. Keziah’s favourite Bindle is 'Ideas, Ideas, Chocolate’, one that she doesn’t have to wrap herself.

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