Bindle Testimonial Love

Bindle Testimonial Love

Katya Crema - Sales & Marketing Manager at Crema Group

"... Working with Catherine for customised Derby Place purchaser gifts was a pleasure. Catherine is very professional, had some fantastic ideas and was committed to getting our gifts absolutely perfect. I look forward to working with Bindle again on another project."

Nyree Corby - Founder and CEO at Fame & Partners

"... I have used Bindle for both personal and corporate gifting endeavours. My experience has always been consistently great, and feedback from the people receiving their beautifully packaged gift is always a joy. I love that Bindle encourages local enterprising and such carefully curated items. The service has been impeccable; prompt and thorough. There is a reason I keep going back!"

Rachael Turner - The Inside Project

"... Gorgeous gifts packaged to perfection. There is as much pleasure in opening the package as to discovering what is inside. Bindle is my go to now for any occasion."

Maisae Al Nakat - Infolio Property Advisors

"... Each gift is Beautifully wrapped and the attention to detail and professionalism that goes into each package is second to none. We use Bindle regularly to gift our clients and would recommend Bindle as a great place to search for a gift for any occasion. Catherine is happy to accommodate for any bespoke requests that we may have and is always a pleasure to deal with, making the whole transaction an easy and unique process. We look forward to a continued relationship with Bindle."

Matthew Sampson - Managing Director at Aspect Personnel

"... Last year, Aspect gave a number of our clients Bindles as a Christmas gift to thank them for their continued support and help them celebrate the festive season. In the past, we have found that Christmas hampers can be overpriced and full of generic, second-rate products that get left on the shelf. This is certainly not the case with Bindle! The feedback we received from clients was overwhelmingly positive! From the quality and uniqueness of the products included, to the style with which they were presented! Catherine and the team delivered on every promise they made to us, and exceeded all our expectations. They make the process of giving thoughtful, customised hampers an absolute breeze and create a lasting impression with recipients. I would highly recommend Bindle to any organisation or person that wants to give a thoughtful gift that makes an impact!"

Sarah Falzo - Mexsii Bedheads

"... Bindle gifts are such a contemporary and thoughtful way to make someones day. Each gift is perfectly presented with incredible Australian products and the service is outstanding. I have loved giving Bindles to friends, family and work clients."

Sara Hole -

"... I have been using Bindle regularly for corporate gifts and every gift I have ordered has been received with absolute pleasure! The attention to detail and high quality Australian contents make them a perfect gift - right down to the wrapping. Service is fabulous, the team at Bindle are absolutely delightful to deal with. Thanks Bindle!"

Martin Speller - Mr Right Maintenance

"... We have sent several Bindle gifts out to our clients as a way of saying thanks for referrals. They have been much appreciated and several recipients have gone back to Bindle and purchased gifts to send out themselves. The beautifully promoted and selected products speak volumes and we are pleased to be have an association with Bindle, Well done Catherine!!"

James Black - Sheen Group

"... Great hampers and great service! I use Bindle for both large and small order and its always a smooth process."

Alex Kilroy - Skypunch Technologies

"...Bindle was a great choice for SkyPunch Technologies. After poor experiences with other Corporate Gift providers we made the switch to Bindle and couldn’t be happier. Bindle has a great choice, which suited our budget well. It was simple and easy to order. Catherine assisted where necessary with gift cards and even arranged delivery. All round great experience. Many thanks Catherine."

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