BINDLE & Personal Journeys

BINDLE & Personal Journeys

I’ve been through a most traumatic ordeal. I was captured and imprisoned by aspiring Pulitzer Prize winners who were threatened by my astounding literary ability. In time I managed to convince one of my captors to release me, and after crossing ice-capped mountains (wearing something fetching naturally), and forging torrential rivers, I’m back.

Until today I had no idea what I was going to write about, then BINGO! 

A fall in my “reduced circumstances”(apartment), eventually led me to a muscular-skeleto therapist. It might be quite timely to remind you that BINDLE is passionate about supporting local business. The therapist is strolling distance from my “reduced circumstances”, also my favourite café, hairdresser (or hair stylist I believe it is called), general practitioner and really ……EVERYTHING, that keeps me in the hood.

I am a relentless interrogator when I have a captive audience, and my therapist was not spared my scrutiny. I find unfailingly that people have extraordinary lives and experiences to relate – the “being” of being human. I listened to her journey from successful businesswoman, albeit unfulfilled, to a five year spiritual enlightenment in India. It was a fascinating story culminating in her realizing that her calling in life was to heal people and spare them pain.

Admirable you gotta’ admit, and you are even now asking where your personal journey has brought you. I would not have had the privilege of hearing her personal experience had I not asked. How many people are so trapped in the parochialism of their lives that they have no interest in others? Look outwardly and I promise you will be rewarded.

Later this week I am attending the premiere of my nephew’s first feature film. His personal journey took him from a refusal to be institutionalized at school, to whiling away hours in a video store. One would say he was a wastrel, but had it not been for his years watching fifty thousand videos he may not have become a film producer.

It will be my familial duty to prepare him for the possibility of being captured by envious luminaries of the film industry. 

Margie x