BINDLE & Ambition

BINDLE & Ambition

I forgot to be famous. It was not lack of ambition, but more a case of being easily distracted and an incorrigible dreamer. 

As a girl I desperately wanted to join the marching girls as they wore teensy pleated skirts and had artificially tanned legs that pre-dated even bad fake tans. The colour was more ochre than orange and must have been applied with a trowel. I begged my mother who remained steadfast in her refusal. 

Growing up was entirely idyllic. I dreamed of a world of tuxedoed men, and women with long cigarette holders. I read every James Bond novel written when most children were trying to get their head around Spot, Fluff, Dick and Dora. My father was accomplice to my Bond obsession as he would take me to the local drive-in theatre where the Bond books came alive on screen.  He promptly went to sleep on the back seat until the local lads appeared, at which point he would rear up and frighten them away.

At boarding-school I believed I was playing a role from St Trinian’s, an English boarding-school for “young ladies” with its anarchic doctrine of free expression. That cost my parents a pretty penny in repeat years, and a suggestion from the headmistress that I was best suited to hairdressing or secretarial work. I sniffed at this as by the time I graduated I had discovered the writings of Mortimer and his Rumpole series, so I was hell-bent on the theatre of the court room. At no stage did it occur to me that I had to work to achieve my goals, for my goals changed daily according to the novel I was reading.

I confess I have no formal idea of what I’m trying to express here – my meanderings on the page much like the course of my life! Of the million books I’ve read there was a vivid scene that struck a chord and has always remained with me. A teacher is telling her desperately poor students that, irrespective of their humbled circumstances, their minds could take them anywhere they wanted. 

Imagination is always behind most inspired businesses, and the every day reality of gift-giving became the extraordinary germination of the online Bindle shopping experience.

You shop and I’ll read. Today I’m saving the Mongolian wolves from extinction.

Margie x