BINDLE & The List

BINDLE & The List

No nothing macabre like Schindler’s, but I’ve drawn the conclusion that life is broken down into endless lists – on a domestic level and the big picture list.

I have always been a big list maker and the bottom of my handbag is testament to this. Naively I thought that a list is something that one completes, but in fact one item is always replaced by another and another and another. There is actually no finite end to THE LIST and the sooner we accept the fact the more relaxed we can be.

Milk, bread, eggs, fruit, vegetables etc. - the weekly shop.

Organize regular dinners with my family which I know will fill them with indescribable joy.

A list of compatible people to have for lunch, dinner. Gawd, nigh impossible!

Places to travel – NY, Paris, Barcelona, and like a shopping cart the destinations are added before it’s time to check-out (in a literal sense!). 

A humanitarian check-list to support - Medecins Sans Frontiers for one. A book list with only Booker prize winners as the clock is ticking and time can’t be wasted on pap. Birthdays, Christmas, emails to reply to……………….until one comes to a screaming halt like the road-runner at the edge of the cliff.

That was not my usual lengthy discourse so I’m hoping this time you haven’t slumped face down on the desk in abject boredom. Don’t put “unsubscribe to Bindle” on your list as I’m relying on you. There are several new Bindles now on the website so grab a coffee and explore. We are hurtling at break-neck speed towards Christmas so until next time…………………. 

And it’s my mate’s birthday this weekend, so I’d better put a Bindle on my shopping list. 

Margie x