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BINDLE & an Ode to Motherhood

BINDLE & an Ode to Motherhood

I really have no idea what an ode is but it sounds rather grand & befitting the role of all mothers. It smacks of something Greek which I will get to. There is no escaping the fact that everyone treading the pavement or hot-footing it over desert sands has a mother, & that mother in turn a mother, & on & on back into the Russian doll of time.
It wasn’t until I had a grandchild that I was reminded of how unrelenting the task of mothering is – I KNOW sentence ends in a preposition, just relax! We do it because of course we have to, but we do it also out of blind unconditional love. That love survives the sleepless nights of babyhood, the monosyllabic grunts we hear as “conversation” in the teen years, the barrage of criticism meted out over a lifetime. Down for the count we still pick ourselves up & get back in the ring for another round.
I think this also applies to children. They may be frustrated by their mothers but they are resigned to them. As I was returning from my walk today an elderly Greek lady was being steered off the road by her son with many a gesticulation & terse Greek words. He was quite clearly exasperated & I imagine it wasn’t the first time he had had to keep his mama on the straight & narrow. The point is HE WAS STILL DOING IT!!!!
I’m truly blessed to have my children living in the same state, & would be inconsolable if they lived overseas as so many do these days. They aren’t complete daaarlings & saying “isn’t it cold today?” can be met with “I’ve never known anyone so obsessed with the weather”. I might have mentioned the weather ONCE in my life! Unconditional love is the cornerstone here & no matter what is dished up we are still hanging in there.
You may believe Mother’s Day is a life sentence & not to be celebrated on any designated date, but if you think Mum is worth celebrating on May 10th, there are BINDLES to warm the cockles of her heart - and you don’t even have to be there!

Margie x