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BINDLE Contributors

BINDLE Contributors

Meet the Bindle team ...

Catherine Blackford - Founding Director

BINDLE has grown immeasurably since its conception three years ago owing to Catherine’s determination and unflagging energy which was evident from her childhood. That nose with its spray of freckles sni
ffed enthusiastically at the prospect of life. No activity or subject was taboo as she runs headlong into every opportunity that was on offer.

Catherine boasts the loudest whistle at an AFL game and can laugh raucously and spontaneously. She has the ability to remain focused long after others have given up, and that tenacity has been the cornerstone of making Bindle the success it is. Recently announced as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards, Catherine is a unique blend of creativity and mathematical precision – left and right-sided brain in perfect harmony. Her keen attention to detail and objectivity is evident to anyone who has visited the Bindle website.

Margie Blackford - The 'Novelist' 

When Bindle was a mere babe in arms I enlisted the help of the wordsmith in the family – my mother Margie. 

Many of you are recent visitors to Bindle, and have perhaps subscribed to the newsletter. You may have noticed it has NOTHING to do with Bindle! Keen observations and nostalgic reflections written with an irreverent humor probably best describes them. Accordingly they exist purely for your entertainment. 

I once referred to a film which was full of pathos and human endurance. Mum seemed to know which one it was as she nodded her head enthusiastically and replied – “the film with the monkey”. I was hard pressed to acknowledge that we were discussing the same film, as the monkey appeared for a fleeting second and was largely irrelevant. I doubt even the producer knew there was a monkey in his film, but ol’ Mum sure took notice of it. To her the monkey had the lead role! 

Recently I saw an epic black and white Italian movie classic. There was a brief moment when the voluptuous heroine was agonizing about a homeless kitten needing milk. Mum would still be thinking about that kitten – the storyline forgotten!

Margie – red lipstick, laughing, crying, quirky, even inappropriate at times but endlessly amusing. I affectionately call her “the novelist” as she has no conception what “cut to the chase” means. Why say one of something when you can say fifty thousand?
To the faithful and the new I hope you will continue to be amused, and sometimes, perhaps even pleasantly informed.

Walter - CEO

Actually I am NOT a dog, but the BINDLE creator thought that it would be a cutesie idea to have me cast in the role.

The reality is I am the backbone of this organization, my inspiration coming from long walks and hand-fed treats. Ok ok I occasionally fetch the ball, but that’s only because SHE gets a kick out of it, and it pays to keep HER happy.

My sartorial preference is for tan teamed with black, and black leather accessories. You can see me in the office hard at work on the floor.

Alexa Viani - Marketing Guru

Alexa is currently studying a Masters in Marketing Communications and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and no she cannot read your mind. She is an adoring animal lover and proud bunny mum. Only those close to her know she is a closet science fiction geek, pop culture guru, and candy connoisseur. Alexa is easily enthused, passionate, and loves discovering new perspectives of the world.  Her motto is that the universe gives you what you put out, she is all about laughter, good vibes and never taking herself too seriously. Word on the grapevine, if you want to get on her good side you just need to buy her pizza.

Nicole McLean - Creative genius behind the lens

Initially studying a bachelor of fine arts, Nicole felt she wanted to be involved in something more tailored to her interests. She soon found her passion lay in photo styling and completed her diploma of visual merchandising and photo styling. With a strong creative eye, Nicole is all about attention to detail and her work displays incredible finesse. She views the world through her camera lens and is intrigued by the different perspectives people can draw from the same image. Aside from her creative pursuits, Nicole has a strong desire to visit Italy and put her Italian language study to use.  She loves her puppy lily and can play no more than a G on a guitar.
Grazie per leggo e baci!