Bindle & Mothers

Bindle & Mothers

The mention of mothers is usually accompanied by a lot of eye-rolling and deep exasperated sighing. It has finally come home to roost that I am a great source of irritation to my children. I of course find this incomprehensible, assured as I am of my inspired story-telling ability and largesse of spirit.

To them I am just part of the jigsaw of their lives, perhaps even the piece that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. 

But hey, I’ve just spent three hours on baby-sitting duties, the “baby” in this instance a rather anti-social sausage dog. Alfresco café society seemed the perfect destination to while away the hours, but I didn’t anticipate the wholesale guerrilla war that waged over tennis balls, chewy bits and the like.

He’s tiny for god’s sake but in his eyes a giant amongst men – or dogs as the case may be.

Tomorrow heralds more maternal duties taking my country granddaughter through a labyrinth of city laneways to experience life in the big end of town. Her last experience on a tram is no doubt buried in her not-to-be-enjoyed EVER psyche, so I anticipate much screaming loud enough to be heard on Mars.

The point is dear readers, that as odd as we are sometimes seen to be, we are useful in a way that mothers are – which is after all what mothering is all about.  

We do it because of course we have to, but we do it also out of blind unconditional love. That love survives the sleepless nights of babyhood, the monosyllabic grunts we hear as “conversation” in the teen years, the barrage of criticism meted out over a lifetime. Down for the count we still pick ourselves up & get back in the ring for another round.

So for all the children resigned to a life’s sentence of Mothers, imagine a life without someone who is a constant in your lives. It’s a rare quality and one that occasionally should be acknowledged. 

If you think Mum is worth celebrating on May 8th, for crying out loud don’t think nauseating pink slippers or a single red rose in a cellophane tube. 

Needless to say this is an optimum opportunity to put Bindle front and centre, because it is special, it is unique; it is locally made and owned. What mother wouldn’t ping their hair curlers to receive it, so once the hair is done (because they can forget you know) spend some time with them, as time is the most valuable gift of all.

Margie x